The Blends

The Blends

No more confusing oils to blend and mix to get that health benefit you want.

We’ve done the science so you don’t need to do the guesswork. Other brands will have you buy 3 to 5 or even 7 different oils to combine them together, while ours come in one handy blended bottle.

Our oil blends have been selected with the best combination to give you the maximum benefits. While we do not make any therapeutic claims, we share published clinical information and testimonial uses of different essential oils.

Natural healing doesn’t have to be so complicated. The purpose of the group hinged to this page is to assist essential oil newbies and enthusiasts on how to use EOs so they don’t have to comb through tedious and conflicting information on the Internet. We don’t have a lot of recipes and don’t use too many kinds of diffusers because we believe in simple, effective and efficient products.

On Essential Oils

Essential Oils are the active, most powerful healing part of the plant that have been extracted to oil. A drop of it is already 50, 70 to 100 times the power of the actual plant.

For example, a bottle of our Epoch Lemon came from around forty (!!) lemons. This is why we have to practice discretion when using them. Just as you use prescription meds, be careful when you use essential oils as they are very potent.

Some people primarily think of them as fragrance but indigenous cultures for hundreds of years have been using it for therapeutic benefits. Now, western science is using these oils and publishing a lot of studies about their benefits. Essential oils are also not fats they don’t get rancid or clog pores.

They can be used these ways: Topical, Inhalation, With a bowl of boiling water or Through Diffusers.

First thing: You canot heat or warm them because pure essential oils when exposed to heat will be altered. It’s bad for their makeup as you are damaging the oil when you heat it up.

Second: Some diffusers make your room smell good but the oil is left in the diffuser. We recommend ultrasonic diffusers – these ones use vibrations to break down oil into really smaller particles, combine it with water and come out as a fine mist that stays in the air for several hours so you get to inhale it and your body gets the benefits. Cheap ones produce drops of water instead of pure mist.

Epoch Line (Pronounced as ‘Epic’ for a Reason)

Do you know people with persistent asthma, migraines or allergies? You see that they’ve kind of given up on it already, decided they just have to live with it – whose medication seems to dwindle down in effect even in double doses? What if we can make over your medicine cabinet into a natural healing cabinet?

Epoch is different from all other brands by one word – PURITY. They talk about it, our company takes it seriously. We made it as carefully as prescription meds so handle them with care. From the small details as using light-resistant amber colored bottles to the things that matter – immediate relief in a whiff. Remember, synthetic medicines go through the gut and damage your kidneys, but essential oils go straight to blood brain barrier. Happy sniffing!

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