Notes | Tech in Asia

I got to attend the Tech in Asia meet-up yesterday and up until now my brain keeps referencing back to it.

Here are my notes and key learnings!

1. It’s GROWTH mode for Philippine entrepreneurship. Many are taking on the challenge and excitement of startups- the collectively growing curiosity/bravery in people to actually start something out! (Hay so fearless, so beautiful!)

2. E-commerce is not a distraction, it will be a main contributor of your business (from 2% to 80% from online is possible so don’t ignore it), but is NOT to replace the brick and mortar. Be omni-channel. Experience-based products and customer relations will always be high-touch. (Align your revolution!)

3. Be obsessed about providing solutions to the pain points of your customers (Think more conversions than likes!) Trust is a major resource.

4. All the tech may overwhelm but be hopeful about how in the mere trying, falling, growing as leaders, we are all elevating our nation in knowledge, income and job creation! (Kung hindi tayo ang kikilos, sino pa? Kung hindi ngayon, kailan pa? Bayan, we’ll get you there!)

5. Our assumption of being either the best at what we do or being the worst at it, is never truly TRUE. Remain on your toes. Crack your brain and KEEP WORKING HARD. (A voice in my head also says my Japanese communication skills should amount to BIG things in the future of my business. *mind races* Being exposed everyday in an IT startup now may not be a coincidence either. *tames brain*)

With my tone, you’d assume I’ve only heard about the movement. That may be true – I am not an expert in the digi-space. In fact it’s a struggle to integrate it with what I have, but yay for plant mode! 🌱 Every time is growth time. I’m open to learn from you too!

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